Traditional antiviral therapies target one virus-type at a time


There are only twenty or so viruses we can defend against in a pandemic, leaving hundreds of viral infections that have no cure at all. The challenge with traditional antivirals and vaccines is they can only target one virus-type at a time and cannot defend against a virus’ ability to quickly evolve and develop drug-resistance.

Evrys Bio takes a different approach. Unlike traditional therapies, Evrys Bio antivirals target non-viral human proteins, known as sirtuins, enhancing their natural ability to fight powerful infections. Because sirtuins broadly affect different viruses, Evrys Bio antivirals address the multitude of viruses that can cause a given infectious disease condition. For example, our vision is that an Evrys Bio product will address viral hepatitis that can be caused by either hepatitis B virus or hepatitis C virus. Current products can only address one or the other, not both viruses. Furthermore, because sirtuins are non-viral human proteins, viruses cannot develop drug-resistance against sirtuin-targeted drugs, transforming the way we treat and cure viral infections today .

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Next Gen Antivirals that engage the patient’s own immunity to naturally defend against viral infection without the emergence of drug resistance.


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Evrys Bio was founded on breakthrough discoveries made at Princeton University. Whereas immuno-oncology drugs engage the patient’s immune system to fight cancer, Evrys Bio antivirals engage the cell’s intrinsic immunity to defend against infection. Evrys Bio’s vision is to develop first-in-class antivirals that are safe, address the problem of acquired drug-resistance, and provide unique broad-spectrum treatment options. This will transform the practice of medicine because Evrys Bio products will address the infectious disease condition as opposed to targeting a specific virus-type. Imagine being prescribed a safe, broad-spectrum antiviral, without the risk of acquired drug-resistance, based on symptom presentation, and prior to diagnostic confirmation of infecting virus-type. Our highly-innovative products are early-stage, yet we bring tangible solutions to solve real clinical challenges and unmet medical need.

Evrys Bio has four drug discovery programs applying our broad-spectrum antiviral technology in a uniquely apt way to address clinical challenges currently unmet by traditional virus-targeting strategies: (1) a pan-respiratory infections antiviral with demonstrated effectiveness against coronaviruses, respiratory syncytial virus, adenoviruses and seasonal, pandemic, influenza A and B strains, including ones resistant to current drugs; (2) a single pill effective against multiple (opportunistic) infections including herpes virus and polyomavirus infections posing serious complications for immunosuppressed patients receiving organ transplants; (3) a medical counter measure for pandemic preparedness to defend against newly emerging viruses; and (4) antiviral targeting hepatitis including B, C, D and E viruses.

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